Skoura architecture of the palm grove
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Skoura’s palm grove appears today as the conservatory or national park of the oasis’s architecture. The Tighremt are scattered amongst date palm trees and we never get tired of observing one after the other. Some have very unusual figures. Some have joined into one long building, as some have renounced their towers but have thick bastions instead. Some of the unusual architecture is mostly due to refection of the buildings but most of the Skouri Tighremts are very well proportioned square castle like structures with four very light but sturdy towers. The decorative arches on the towers summit are not quite symmetrical according to Berber’s art. It would be very difficult to find any two similar tighremts in the palm grove; every one of them is quite unique.

Vast dimensioned Ksours are barely ever found in Skoura. The best known, most beautiful and most famous, Amridil, is built alongside of a Wadi, which just looks like a river of rocks in regular time but becomes a dangerous and no crossable river of high current water, usually once a year, within 3 days of consecutive rain. 6 days, is the maximum rainfall during the year.

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